Latest Editorial

We hear you! There are many situations in our district affecting teachers. Sometimes the situations you face can seem overwhelming and you may feel disheartened. We want you to know that we take each situation seriously and attempt to find resolutions within the guidelines of our Collective Agreement. In 2017 and 2018, a total of one hundred grievances were filed. We currently have fifty-seven open grievances at various stages. Twenty-eight grievances have been referred to the BCTF for arbitration assessment with eleven accepted for arbitration.

Filing grievances does not lead to quick solutions, but with patience and time, resolutions may be reached. Standing together for the rights of all members makes us a stronger union. Finding unity in the diversity of our membership is the strength that will affect change for better working conditions. Please continue to let us know about situations that are frustrating for you. We share your concerns and thank you for your support!

Ed, Danielle, and Reid