TRB Changes

Changes to Teacher Regulation Branch

You can no longer find the Teacher Regulation branch on the Ministry website. The TRB has been separated into three sections.

1. The Teacher Certification Branch which strictly focuses on the certification process.
2. By searching Commissioner for Teacher Regulation, you will find the site for professional conduct.
3. Standards can now be found by searching for BC Teachers’ Council.

If your certificate was suspended for non-payment, you must pay it immediately. The Teacher Certificate rules provide the following timelines:

July 1 to October 31 Renewal requires the payment of the annual fee and two late fees.
$80 + $30 (late fee) + $30 (late fee) = $140

November 1 Your certificate will be cancelled and you will need to apply for a new certificate and re-qualify before you can teach at a BC school or BC accredited offshore school again.