October Editorial

This has been an exciting and beautiful fall in our school district. We are seeing rainbows popping up everywhere. There is now a rainbow crosswalk at the school district office and more rainbow crosswalks are being planned and painted at various school sites. These symbols of acceptance and inclusion are an important step forward for staff, students, parents, friends, and allies.

Thank you to all of the Staff Reps, Pro-D Reps, and Health and Safety Reps who attended the training sessions provided in late September and early October. We appreciate your commitment to your roles and the support you provide to your schools and staffs.

As reporting season nears, we want to remind you of the early dismissal and non-instructional day for Reporting/Assessment and Parent/Teacher consultation. Every school should be dismissing students after three hours of instruction for the early dismissal. November 1 is the district wide non-instructional day for Reporting/Assessment and Parent/Teacher consultation. The CTA website has more information on what to expect for these days.

At this time of the year we see many teachers who are beginning to succumb to colds, flus, and general fatigue. We encourage you to find a work/life balance that works for you. If you are sick, use your sick days to recover. If you need some professional support, call an FSEAP counsellor. Go to the chiropractor, physiotherapist, or massage therapist to maintain your health. If you want more information about any of the benefits you are entitled to, please ask your Staff Rep or contact the CTA office.

In Solidarity,
Ed, Danielle, and Reid

PS. Sneaking a bit of Halloween Candy can be a mood booster as well! (Shh… don’t tell Monica!)