November Health and Safety

For the month of November we are focusing on incident reporting and safety plans.

The CTA Released Officers and the Health and Safety Chairperson are committed to ensuring safety at all worksites. We want to make members aware of the processes and steps needed to take when incidents happen. One way to do this is through a flow chart created by the District Health and Safety Committee. You can find this on the CTA website.
Secondly, it is important for all staff to be aware of how to access safety plans. If you are unsure if there is a safety plan for a particular student, you can check with your school or site Administrator, or the case manager of the student.

Safety Plans are in place for the safety of the worker, not for the student. It is imperative that we be proactive by ensuring teachers are aware of safety plans for students they work with, both inside and outside of the timetable. It is important to remember that how a student behaves with one teacher may not be the same for a different teacher or staff member.
Please remember to have your CTA Health and Safety Rep notify the CTA of any pressing Health and Safety issues at your site including issues with the spaces that you work in. These concerns will enable your Released Officers and the H&S Chairperson to be better informed on the issues that our Chilliwack Teachers are facing at work each day.