Health and Safety

For this month’s Health and Safety memo, we would like to discuss two important items. First, the CTA released officers are aware of a number of serious violent incidents that have occurred. We continue to meet with members at various schools and have approached this topic at various levels including with the District Health and Safety Committee. However, at some sites we have found that there are small steps being made by the site-based Joint Health and Safety Committees in terms of dealing with incidents and incident reporting.  For example, more members of the JOHS Committees will receive formal training by WorkSafe BC. In addition, minutes from the site-based JOHS Committees are beginning to explain how staffs are looking to respond to violent incidents in different ways. This is showing us the value and importance of reporting all incidents as reporting can create positive change throughout our schools.

Secondly, there will be hearing tests offered in February 2020. These tests are for Shop, PE, and Music teachers. For other teachers, hearing tests are available for free at any community hearing clinic. 

Please remember to have your CTA Health and Safety Rep notify the CTA of any pressing Health and Safety issues at your site including issues with the spaces that you work in. These concerns will enable your Released Officers and the H&S Chairperson to be better informed on the issues that our Chilliwack Teachers are facing at work each day.