The Teacher as Parent

There is a saying, “Once a teacher, always a teacher.” This is very true. There is no distinction between the teacher as teacher and the teacher as parent. The idea of being a teacher “always” can be hard to reconcile and becomes especially difficult when you have concerns about your own child’s school experiences.

As teachers we are all bound by the BCTF Code of Ethics. When we talk about teachers as parents, Code of Ethics number 5 comes into play:

The member directs any criticism of the teaching performance and related work of a colleague to that colleague in private. If the member believes that the issue(s) has not been addressed, they may, after privately informing the colleague in writing of their intent to do so, direct the criticism in confidence to appropriate individuals who can offer advice and assistance. *It shall not be considered a breach of the Code of Ethics for a member to follow the legal requirements for reporting child protection issues.

As a teacher, it is important to follow the steps laid out in Code of Ethics 5 when interacting with your child’s teacher. Sometimes it is better to let your child’s other parent handle situations that arise within the school setting (as long as that parent is not a teacher).

Any breaches of the Code of Ethics can be referred to the BCTF Judicial Council.