February Editorial

February is the month of kindness. Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) and Pink Shirt Day (Feb. 26) are designated days that encourage kindness towards others. While it is important to be kind to others, it is equally important to be kind to yourself.

Teaching is not an easy job. Teachers are constantly juggling the needs of their students, administrators, colleagues, Ministry of Education, and the needs of their own families. Pressures build and it becomes easy to see only the negative in situations.

We would like to share a few ideas to help you BE KIND to yourself:

Balance work/life commitments on a weekly basis

Embrace the positives that occur in small things (coffee with a friend, a kind word from a student/parent/colleague)

Kick out negativity and look for the shining moments

Invest in “me” time; take time for yourself every week

Nourish yourself physically and emotionally

Dedicate yourself to something that makes you happy

We hope you find a way to be kind to yourself this month.

In Solidarity,

Ed, Danielle, and Reid