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What is seniority?

Seniority is defined in the collective agreement under article C.2.1:

Except as provided in this article, “seniority” means an employee‟s aggregate length of service with the employer as determined in accordance with the provisions of the Previous Collective Agreement.

Can it be ported from another District?

Yes, see clause C.2.2 for more details.  Effective September 1, 2006 and despite Article C.2.1 above, an employee who achieves continuing contract status in another school district shall be credited with up to ten (10) years of seniority accumulated in other school districts in BC.  There is a verification process that takes palce within the first 90 days of obtaining continuing status.

Do TTOCs earn seniority?

Yes, see clause C.2.3 for more details.  A TTOC accumulates seniority where 19 TTOC days = 1 month and 189 TTOC days = 1 year.


Why is seniority important?

It is used for the:

  • layoff and recall process (article C.20)
  • retirement bonus (article B.20)
  • post and fill process (article E.20)

Note: Seniority is not used for pension purposes.

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Where can I determine my seniority?


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