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CTA Annual General Meeting and Elections

May 15th 3:45 CSS Drama Room

Please check out the election poster on the left below and consider putting your name forward for one of our positions. Check out the document below on the right for a description of the positions from the CTA Constitution.


Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Resources

 The CTA has just received some resources and promotional materials for the SOGI program...please drop by to view what's available and take whatever you need for your classroom.


Canadian Labour Congress Campaign

 The CLC has launched a PharmaCare Campaign...please click on the image below for more details...


Reconfiguration Committees

The school district has made a commitment to reconfiguring the grades to a K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 system. The CTA has multiple concerns about this commitment since it has significant implications on staffing, boundaries and school overcrowding. We encourage teachers to provide input through their school reconfiguration committee or the district elementary, middle, secondary or advisory committees.


Elementary teachers - contact:


Middle School teachers - contact any of:


Secondary teachers - contact any of:


Applying for your BCTF member card


Log in to the MyBCTF portal to order your free BCTF membership card


membership card


Over the decades, the Federation has issued various cards or certificates as a show of solidarity and membership. This year, the Federation has brought back this tradition to commemorate the BCTF's 100th anniversary.

By logging into the MyBCTF portal and filling out the BCTF Member Card request form, you can have one mailed to you. The card will serve as a quick reminder of your BCTF ID number that allows you access to the BCTF portal and various member services. The card may also be used at some retail outlets in your community where special offers are provided to teachers.



BCTF Victory at the Supreme Court!

Almost 15 years ago, Education Minister Christy Clark stripped class size and composition and specialist ratios from our contract.  On Thursday, November 10th the issue was settled and the language is being returned to the contract.  Click here to access the webcast of the Supreme Court hearing and/or click the image below for more details.


New Curriculum

“While we are in the process of bringing in the K-9 curricula this school year, there is still work underway around Grades 10-12. A change of this scale will take time, and we fully expect to continue to make adjustments to curricula based on teacher feedback. Please be assured, there will continue to be time to refine and adjust in order to support successful learner outcomes.”
- David Byng, Deputy Minister of Education