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Early Career Teacher Meeting and Social

 Feb. 27th 3:45 CTA Office


CTA AbEd Film Night Feb. 22nd

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Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Resources

 The CTA has just received some resources and promotional materials for the SOGI program...please drop by to view what's available and take whatever you need for your classroom.


Canadian Labour Congress Campaign

 The CLC has launched a PharmaCare Campaign...please click on the image below for more details...


Reconfiguration Committees

The school district has made a commitment to reconfiguring the grades to a K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 system. The CTA has multiple concerns about this commitment since it has significant implications on staffing, boundaries and school overcrowding. We encourage teachers to provide input through their school reconfiguration committee or the district elementary, middle, secondary or advisory committees.


Elementary teachers - contact:


Middle School teachers - contact any of:


Secondary teachers - contact any of:


BCTF Conference for New Teachers, New TTOCs, and Student Teachers


The BCTF New Teachers, New TTOCs, and Student Teachers annual Conference will be held on March 2-3, 2018, at the Radisson Hotel in Richmond, BC.  To more information or to register, click the image below...


BCTF Reaches agreement on implementation of teachers' restored collective agreement language


March 4, 2017


Less than four months after the BC Teachers’ Federation won a landmark victory at the Supreme Court of Canada, a tentative agreement with the employer and government has been reached. The agreement fully restores all of the substantive collective agreement language that was unconstitutionally stripped in 2002 by then-Education Minister Christy Clark.


BCTF President Glen Hansman said, “The tentative agreement, if ratified, will allow the next school year to start with thousands more teachers, smaller class sizes, better class composition, and specialist-teacher ratios. BC teachers have been fighting for 15 years to defend our rights and to restore our working conditions. If ratified, this agreement will mean the beginning of a new chapter in public education in BC, one in which teachers will once again have the time to give students the individual care and attention they need and deserve. School libraries and counselling offices will be re-opened, shop and lab classes will have safety standards restored, and all classrooms will be properly supported.”


The tentative agreement is still subject to a province-wide vote of BCTF members, as well as the BC Public School Employers’ Association’s process. BCTF members will vote March 8–10, 2017.


“The BCTF Executive Committee has endorsed the tentative agreement and is recommending ratification to our members,” said Hansman. In January, the government agreed to fund 1,100 new full-time teaching positions for the current school year. Many of those positions are now filled and those teachers are already supporting students.


“Now, which this tentative agreement achieves, teachers will see full restoration of our working conditions. If ratified, schools right across BC will see smaller classes, more specialists like counsellors, special education teachers, and learning assistance teachers, and more support for children with special needs.”


Hansman also expressed his deep gratitude to BC’s 41,000 public school teachers for standing with their union in defence of their rights for so long. “Thank you to all of BC’s public school teachers, present and past, for all of your support over the years, your tenacity in defending our rights, and commitment to standing up for your students. It took 15 years, but we are on the verge of having our language back and restoring what was wrongfully taken away.”


For teachers, full details of the Agreement-in-Committee are posted on the Federation’s portal and BCTF members have been emailed with more information.

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For more information, contact Richard Overgaard, BCTF media relations officer, at 604-871-1881 (office) or 604-340-1959 (cell).


Applying for your BCTF member card


Log in to the MyBCTF portal to order your free BCTF membership card


membership card


Over the decades, the Federation has issued various cards or certificates as a show of solidarity and membership. This year, the Federation has brought back this tradition to commemorate the BCTF's 100th anniversary.

By logging into the MyBCTF portal and filling out the BCTF Member Card request form, you can have one mailed to you. The card will serve as a quick reminder of your BCTF ID number that allows you access to the BCTF portal and various member services. The card may also be used at some retail outlets in your community where special offers are provided to teachers.



BCTF Victory at the Supreme Court!

Almost 15 years ago, Education Minister Christy Clark stripped class size and composition and specialist ratios from our contract.  On Thursday, November 10th the issue was settled and the language is being returned to the contract.  Click here to access the webcast of the Supreme Court hearing and/or click the image below for more details.


Ministry of Education Announcement:

B.C. teachers and students in grades 10 to 12 will have more time to start using the draft new curriculum and help refine it, thanks to a one-year extension of the implementation period.  Click on the image below for more information.




New Curriculum

“While we are in the process of bringing in the K-9 curricula this school year, there is still work underway around Grades 10-12. A change of this scale will take time, and we fully expect to continue to make adjustments to curricula based on teacher feedback. Please be assured, there will continue to be time to refine and adjust in order to support successful learner outcomes.”
- David Byng, Deputy Minister of Education