2023-2024 CTA Executive Committee


Congratulations to the newly elected 2023-2024 CTA Executive Committee! There are still some vacancies on next year’s executive. If you are interested in any of the vacant positions, please contact one of the Released Officers.

      Executive Committee Roles

      Please see the CTA Constitution for the Duties of the Table Officers and Executive Members.

      Executive Committee Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month except when the first Tuesday follows a holiday when it will take place on the second Tuesday of that month.

      Executive Committee meetings begin at 3:45 PM and are scheduled for 120 minutes.

      Executive Committee members are expected to:

      • Belong to at least one other CTA committee.
      • Participate in all Executive meetings, Staff Rep Assemblies, and General Meetings.
      • Attend at least one School Board meeting per year.