Post and Fill Language:

How are vacant positions filled?

From Collective Agreement Article E.20.6:

The Board shall fill a vacant position from the applicants in the priority set out below on the basis of qualifications (Article C.20.3) and ability. Where qualifications and ability are equal, length of service shall be the governing factor.

  • Continuing appointees transferred on the initiative of the Board under the provisions of Article E.21. [These are called A band or DIT teachers]
  • All Continuing teachers on a full-time or part-time appointment, those on the recall list, and Administrative Officers whose appointments as an Administrative Officer have been terminated for other than just cause and who have not otherwise been placed in a teaching position under Section 21 of the School Act. [These are called B band or continuing teachers]
  • Teachers who have been employed by the Board on temporary contracts in the ten (10) teaching months preceding his/her application and Teachers Teaching On Call. [These are called C band teachers]
  • Other applicants. [These are called D band teachers]

Layoff and Recall Info:

This District document is shared with teachers at our “B Layoff” Meeting:

Post and Fill Language:

How are positions posted?

From Collective Agreement Article E.20:

  • The Board will undertake to make vacancies or possible vacancies known to all potential candidates through a variety of internal and external advertising. During the regular work year, the Board shall post notices of vacancies as soon as they become known in all work sites where teachers are assigned and at the District Office. A copy will be forwarded to the CTA office. At times other than the regular work year, notices of vacancies will be posted in the District Office with a copy forwarded to the CTA office.
  • All vacancies covered by this Agreement will be posted for a period of five (5) teaching days during the work year and seven (7) days during the summer before the deadline for applications. Postings shall include at least
  • identification of the work site,
  • description of the position to be filled,
  • type of contract (continuing or temporary),
  • effective date and, if applicable, end date, and
  • closing date for applications.
  • Postings shall not include references to extra-curricular activities.
  • Vacancies created by Leaves of Absence including Maternity/Paternity Leave shall be posted and filled by temporary appointment. On return from leave, the teacher shall be assigned to the same position held prior to taking the leave; however his/her assignment may not be identical to his/her previous assignment.