Collective Agreement Leaves

Your Collective Agreement provides many leave options. Here are a few that you may wish to know more about:

  • G.3 Family Responsibility Leave (pg. 83)
  • G.22 Parenthood Leave (pg. 88)
  • G.4 Bereavement Leave (pg. 83)
  • G.23 Birth or Adoption Leave (pg. 88)
  • G.5 Unpaid Discretionary Leave (pg. 84)
  • G.24 Court Appearances (pg. 88)
  • G.20 Sick Leave (pg. 85)
  • G.26 Emergency Leave for Family Illness (pg. 89)
  • G.21 Pregnancy Leave (pg. 87)
  • G.29 Extensive Leave of Absence (pg.90)


Contact The CTA

If you have any questions regarding leaves please contact the CTA Office.