Grievance Procedures

  • CTA must deal with all contract and policy violations and other grievances where applicable.
  • Members with possible school-based grievances should immediately inform the Staff Rep or the President or First Vice President.
  • The Staff Rep shall provide assistance to teachers concerning grievances at the school level.
  • The Staff Rep shall immediately forward pre-grievance information to the President or First Vice President prior to the initiation of a grievance.
  • The President or First Vice President shall have overall responsibility for the processing of grievances and shall refer a grievance to the Grievance Committee and to the BCTF.
  • A teacher dissatisfied with a decision of the Grievances Committee not to proceed with a grievance may appeal to a committee of the CTA Executive, made up of those executive members not involved in the original decision.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding grievances please call the CTA office at 604-792-9233.

CTA Grievances