Accessing CTA Pro-D Funds

If you require a TTOC (i.e. the conference/webinar takes place during your regular working hours): Before the actual day of the activity, book your TTOC using the SRB portal on the SD website (ADS). Click ‘My Absences‘ and follow the prompts. Print your Confirmation Receipt. Claim your TTOC on your “Request for Pro-D funds” form.

PLEASE NOTE: All teachers, including non-enrolling, or Learning Services teachers, need to request a TTOC for the days they are absent, even if no TTOC is dispatched. Being absent to attend a Pro-D activity results in a loss of service to the district – this is what the TTOC cost covers!

AFTER attending a conference or activity, please complete the following:

  • NEW!!! Pre-approval is required for Professional Development activities other than the October BCTF PSA Day, the SD#33 Conference (February), and the CTA TLC Conference (April). Please submit your request for pre-approval form to the PD Chairperson at least 4 weeks prior to the event. This process is intended to ensure members are not out of pocket for expenses that are not covered under our PD Guidelines.
  • Fill out the “Request for Pro-D Funds” form. If you are attending an activity rather than a conference, please provide a clear description.
  • Attach all appropriate receipts to the “Request for Pro D Funds” form. Pro D expense guidelines must be followed for reimbursement. Please attach an itemized statement if further clarification is necessary.
  • Scan and email the completed form and all receipts to the (Note: Keep your form and receipts until you receive your reimbursement cheque).
  • Your reimbursement cheque will be sent to you through interschool mail. (Pro D reimbursement cheques are issued within 1 – 2 weeks of the “Request for Pro D Funds” form being received by the CTA Office).

Pro-D Policy


Pro D Reps

Updated Individual Pro D Fund statements are sent monthly to the school Pro D Reps.

If you have any questions please contact:

CTA Pro D Chair

Office Manager